Lightweight and Moldable: All the Advantages of Ultralon Foams

Asoltex is the exclusive Ultralon distributor in Italy and other European countries for footwear and sporting goods. Let's discover features, advantages and applications of this family of polyolefin foams.

In the sports footwear sector Ultralon foams represent the top of the range among closed-cell cross-linked polyolefin foams..

A homogeneous and regular structure

Thanks to a production technology based on the controlled expansion of PE and EVA resins, Ultralon foams are made in the form of individual blocks of the size of 1m x 2m (subsequently joined) and are characterized by a very fine cellulation, more homogeneous and regular than polyolefin foams resulting from extrusion processes with continuous technology.

Light weight, water repellency, thermofit, shaping and moldability are the characteristics that make Ultralon foams ideal for the production of liners for ski boots, protective equipment and sporting goods in general.

The origin of thermofitted ski boot liners

It is no surprise that since the '90s, Ultralon foams were protagonists, in the United States, of the introduction of the first thermofitted ski boot liners: lightweight, snug and moldable to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

In recent years, Asoltex has contributed to extending the use of Ultralon foams to the European market, especially for the high-end alpine skiing, free riding and mountaineering skiing product ranges.

Guaranteed comfort and performance

Ultralon polyolefin foams, suitably shaped and made adhesive, are ideal for insertion as padding in the most delicate areas of the boot liners, such as the ankle pad and the tongue, where it is essential to guarantee comfort and protection.

A more ample use of Ultralon foams, laminated in bilayer with fabrics in the uppers and lining, distinguishes the top-of-the-range boots, which feature light weight and performance unaltered over time in addition to comfort and protection.

The Ultralon products in the catalogue

The Asoltex catalogue contains four types of Ultralon products, each of which come in varying thicknesses and treatments, like perforation:

> Flexalon
> Performance Foam 45
> Performance Foam 65
> Eva 30


The experience gained during years enables us in reaching excellent results, producing the best materials to guarantee the best performances, quality and functionality

Evolution is the natural consequence of working with passion, the link between traditions and innovation. For us from asoltex, quality is not an opinion.

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