Eva 30 by Ultralon®

Closed-cell Polyolefin foams

Eva 30 is a family of closed-cell Polyolefin foams.

Asoltex supplies the product in two versions: plain, with a self-adhesive treatment, or laminated.

In the plain version, thanks to its roundness and softness, Eva 30 is used as padding for booties worn inside alpine skiing and ski mountaineering boots, in areas where it is crucial to provide personalized comfort, molded to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

In its laminated version Eva 30 is supplied either bi-layered with fabrics (preferably bi-elastic) or in tri-layers (with fabrics and PU foams).

Both versions are used in the lining of booties for high-performance alpine ski mountaineering boots: comfort, light weight and the possibility of thermoforming and customization for the end user are its winning features.


100 cm




Eva 30 is a family of closed-cell Polyolefin foams

Density kg/m3

30 kg/m3

Available thicknesses

The item is available in two different thicknesses: 3 e 5 mm


Asoltex supplies this product by itself or in a self-adhesive version.

Main applications

Ski boots padding

Other features

Eva comes in slabs (height 100 cm, length 200 cm). It is supplied in rolls of 50 meters, with the slabs joined at 45° or 90°.

Shore hardness Sh 38/39°°
Hardness Asker C 14/20

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