The Asoltex Green Revolution

Our company celebrates its fortieth anniversary and looks to a sustainable future

40 years in business as of 2018, but always with an eye to the future, as is clearly demonstrated by the presence of a young and eager third generation in the company.

Asoltex is a solid example of a successful family business. Specialized in textile research and lamination with various materials, like foams, membranes and films, and in finishing treatments that add value to a product in terms of look, comfort and technology.

Future rhymes with sustainable

The future, to Asoltex, means sustainability. A concept that translates into a commitment to the environment , the search for new materials and the optimization of production processes. This is not only marketing and raising awareness: we are talking about real investments.

«Our headquarters are in Asolo» says Lucia Scotti, the founder’s daughter at the helm of the company for some decades now. «We were born and raised inside the sports footwear district of Montebelluna, where we are suppliers and partners of the makers of the most famous brands of ski and hiking boots. Over the years, we have expanded our client portfolio to include other sectors. First off, naturally, casual footwear, followed by many others: apparel, leather accessories, decor, orthopedics and medical supplies. »

Pioneers by tradition

In its research on textiles and other materials, Asoltex tracks and intercepts trends that become popular worldwide. In the case of sustainability, we can safely say that it anticipated the current fashion.

«Our first proposals of fabrics in certified organic natural fibers » recalls Lucia Scotti «date back to at least 2008 and were intended for fashion and casual footwear. From then to today we can say that in this sector there has been a real revolution, with two fundamental elements: on the one hand the reinterpretation in a fashion key of traditionally sporty garments - think of the reinvention of sneakers – and on the other, increased attention to the environment by the big brands of fashion and sports footwear, which has its synthesis in the campaigns for the collection and recycling of plastic bottles from the seas. This has led to an explosion in the demand for synthetic fabrics made from recycled Polyester. »

New Life: recycled and GRS certified products

In the current Asoltex catalogue, there is a family of products called New-Life, made exclusively from textiles and raw materials in polyester or recycled biopolymers.

«They are intended for use in various parts of a shoe » explains Mattia Scotti, 24, who works in the company’s R&D department. «For example, the insoles and the lining, components that require comfort, breathability and bacteriostatic properties. Or in the uppers, where you need resistance, esthetics and innovative looks.»

Asoltex has recently obtained GRS certification for some of these products. Global Recycled Standard is the international brand, promoted by Textile Exchange, that guarantees the recycled origin of a semi-finished or finished material, going up through its entire supply chain, and also verifies compliance with a series of best practices related to worker safety and environmental protection.

From product to process: ISO 14001

Also in the last year, Asoltex applied for and obtained another certification, ISO 14001, which joins ISO 9001 and guarantees the company's compliance with the first international standard for environmental management.

«We have always had relatively little environmental impact» confirms Luca Scotti, head of production. «We use solvent-free glues and adhesives, we don’t discharge liquid waste and we don’t use much water. The ISO 14001 certification gave us greater awareness of an environmental policy that was already part of our DNA. In addition to this, we are committed to further improving waste management, by reducing processing waste or looking for safe and traceable channels through which to send it for recycling.»


The experience gained during years enables us in reaching excellent results, producing the best materials to guarantee the best performances, quality and functionality

Evolution is the natural consequence of working with passion, the link between traditions and innovation. For us from asoltex, quality is not an opinion.

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