New-Life Tasso

Eco-sustainable recycled fur

Recycled and sustainable version of our classic Tasso item.

Traditional solid-color microfiber fur where the coat is high enough to ensure maximum coverage and a good chalkboard effect.

Asoltex recommends it as ideal for use as a warm lining in sports and casual footwear, after-ski and booties for ski boots.
  • articolo riciclato e sostenibile
    Recycled and sustainable article


150 cm


50% post-consumer recycled Polyester
50% Polyester


320 g/m2

Main applications

Casual footwear lining
Ski boots lining
Motorcycle/cycle footwear lining
Casual footwear insole
Ski boots insole
Motorcycle/cycle footwear lining

Other features

Minimun lot size 500 mt

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