Heat-insulating wadding

Asoltex has selected a narrow range of heat-insulating wadding that delivers good performance in terms of thrust and resilience.

We supply these waddings, laminated with water-repellent fabrics in low-weight polyester and polyamide, for the production of uppers and booties for after-ski or hiking shoes.


150 cm


Raw white


100% Polyester fiber mixture of various deniers.


100 g/m2 and 150 g/m2

Available thicknesses

10 and 15 mm


The items are supplied laminated with low weight, water-repellent fabrics in Polyester and Polyamide.

Main applications

Uppers and booties for after-ski and hiking boots.

Other features

The products come in two versions: thermo-bonded wadding or wadding made cohesive with a resin coating

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