Open-cell Polyurethane foams

Strong is a family of ether-based open-cell Polyurethane foams with high resistance to compression.

Ideal for use as adhesive padding in the field of casual footwear, trekking and safety shoes.

Available in different thicknesses, Strong items are supplied by Asoltex in a self-adhesive version, with PE or silicone paper protective film.


150 cm


Available in one color only: white ice


Ether-based open-cell Polyurethane foam

Density kg/m3

55 kg/m3

Available thicknesses

The item is available in different thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm


Supplied in the self-adhesive version (with acrylic glue or hot melt processing), complete with PE or silicone paper protective film.

Main applications

Casual footwear padding
Safety footwear padding
Trekking shoes padding

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