MTP - Moltopren

Open-cell Polyurethane foams

MTP is a family of open-cell Polyurethane foams with a Polyester base.

Asoltex supplies two versions of MTP foams:
1) laminated with hot melt technology (without using adhesives), for sports footwear linings;
2) in simple form, for use as wadding, with the addition of adhesive treatments.

The item is available in a number of versions of varying density, thickness and color.


150 cm


This item is available, depending on the thickness and density requested, in three colors: anthracite, white and ice.


Open-cell polyurethane foam with a polyester base.

Density kg/m3

The item is available in three different densities:
24 kg/m3
35 kg/m3
60 kg/m3

Available thicknesses

The item is available in different thicknesses, from 4 to 6 mm


We supply MTP polyurethane foam in two versions:
1) laminated with hot melt technology (without using adhesives)
2) in the self-adhesive version (treatment that uses either acrylic glue or hot melt), complete with PE or silicone paper protective film

Main applications

Casual footwear lining and padding
Safety footwear lining and padding
Ski boots lining and padding
Trekking shoes lining and padding
Motorcycle/cycle footwear lining and padding

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