30 May 2022

Asoltex Linings in the New 90% Recycled Dalbello Boots

Dalbello inaugurates the Reboot Sustainability Project with Menace and Gaia: two lines, dedicated to children, using Asoltex recycled fabrics in the booties for linings and soles.

Menace and Gaia are the first two lines of ski boots made by Dalbello with a component of recycled materials that reaches 90% of the total weight, making the product 100% recyclable.

On sale starting in the 2022/23 season and intended for children, the 8 styles of the Menace and Gaia lines represent the starting point of the Reboot project embracing a ‘total green’ philosophy: from the use of energy from renewable sources to power production processes to an increasing focus on recycled and recyclable raw materials.

The Reboot project philosophy

«The junior boots are intended for young skiers who are just starting to discover the world of skiing. Dalbello has created recycled boots thinking of those who, having to change them often as they grow, use them for less time, shortening their life cycle. »
«For the Reboot project, the plastic elements of the shell and cuff are made with recovered plastic and 100% recycled materials obtained from Dalbello's production scrap. »
«The boot locking levers are in aluminum and steel, both 100% recyclable. The process involves a low-temperature powder coating that uses 35% less energy, and the aluminum is polished without using chemical substances. »
«The fabric and foam in the booties are also made from 100% recycled materials, certified by the individual suppliers .»

The contribution of Asoltex: 100% recycled fabrics for linings and soles

Asoltex is proud to make a contribution to this project by its longtime client and partner, Dalbello, with its recycled fabrics for the lining and sole of the bootie, including Cordura New Life (40% recycled) and the 100% recycled version of the traditional Cuba fabric.

In our catalogue you will find an ample selection of recycled fabrics for linings and uppers intended for booties for ski boots, with their technical characteristics.


The experience gained during years enables us in reaching excellent results, producing the best materials to guarantee the best performances, quality and functionality

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