Asoltex GRS Certified Products and Processes

Directly from our catalogue: fabrics, agglomerates, wadding and laminations that meet the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard

Asoltex has been GRS 4.0 certified since 2020.

In addition to certifying compliance with social and environmental criteria in the management of our company, the GRS certification guarantees:

- traceability and a minimum proportion of recycled materials in some specific Asoltex products
- that some of our lamination techniques comply with GRS requisites.

Asoltex offers GRS certified items in all three product families in its catalogue: textiles, paddings and laminated items.

Asoltex GRS certified textiles

Among the textiles, some of the items in the New-Life line, which includes the recycled and sustainable Asoltex products, are GRS certified.

Specifically, there are some textiles in pre-consumer polyamide and in post-consumer polyester, which can be used as linings or insoles for casual footwear and for all kinds of technical shoes: ski boots, trekking shoes, motorcycle boots and safety shoes.

> See the Asoltex catalogue of GRS certified textiles

Asoltex GRS certified paddings

Among the paddings certified GRS we underscore two items exclusively offered by Asoltex: Airtex and Primaloft® Grip Control.

Airtex is a family of agglomerates based on 84% pre-consumer recycled polyurethane. It is an absorbent, bacteriostatic and breathable material, and precisely because of these characteristics it is ideal for die-cut or thermoformed insoles for casual footwear.

Primaloft® Grip Control is part of the Primaloft® family of heat-insulating wadding: water-repellent, breathable and resilient, they dry quickly and offer total comfort in terms of preventing heat loss and light weight.

PrimaLoft® Grip Control, for which Asoltex has the exclusive rights for the technical and sports footwear sector, is the GRS certified version in 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. It is characterized by an anti-slip technology that makes it ideal as a stable layer of limited thickness inside linings and technical insoles, avoiding the use of quilting.

> See the Asoltex catalogue of GRS certified paddings

Asoltex GRS certified lamination and adhesion processes

Asoltex has obtained GRS certification for some of its lamination and adhesion processes, specifically:

> Hot melt laminaton
> Acrylic glue lamination
> Hot melt self-adhesive treatment
> Acrylic self-adhesive treatment

All laminations made with these technologies and using GRS materials in an amount equal to at least 50% of the total weight can be certified and marked GRS.

Among the Asoltex laminated products that can be purchased under the GRS brand we point out, for example, the eco-sustainable bilayer laminated Airtex + Rete-New Life.

In this case, the recycled and breathable agglomerate in Airtex Polyurethane is proposed laminated with recycled fabrics of the New-Life family (or with other bases at the customer's request). This lamination yields an absorbent, bacteriostatic and breathable material, which precisely because of these characteristics is ideal for die-cut or thermoformed insoles for high-end casual footwear.


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