Technologies and Treatments

Managed to reach excellent results in the production and creation of laminated materials.

We improve technical performance

In addition to lamination, we offer some finishing treatments that improve the abilities of Asoltex fabrics in general technical requirements, hygiene and comfort of fabrics in direct contact with the skin:

  • Water/repellent treatment.
  • Non-fray treatment.

Treatments by HeiQ®:

  • HeiQ® “FRESH” anti-odour & bacteriostatic treatment: Based on odour-absorbent agents and metallic silver microparticles.
  • HeiQ® “SMART-TEMP” thermoregulation treatment: This treatment interacts with users body temperature by constantly changing the humidity absorption ability of the treated material.
  • HeiQ® “VIRO-BLOCK” antiviral & antibacterial treatment: This treatment blocks the growth and the presence of bacterias and corona-viruses like SARS-Cov-2 on treated materials.

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The experience gained during years enables us in reaching excellent results, producing the best materials to guarantee the best performances, quality and functionality

Evolution is the natural consequence of working with passion, the link between traditions and innovation. For us from asoltex, quality is not an opinion.

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