About us

Since 1978 in the heart of the sportsystem district of Montebelluna

About us

Our company have managed to reach excellent results in the production and creation of laminated material


Asolo is one of the fifteen municipalities that takes part of footwear production district of Montebelluna.
In our region we have a concentration of around 400 companies operating on the 65% of ski-boots global production and on the 80% of motorcycling footwear production worldwide.

The combination of traditions and technologies is the recipe of the district’s success, aided by the presence of many specialized subcontracting companies.
Accoppiatura di Asolo, in direct contact with the excellences in the field of footwear production, has developed skills and products with the aim of promoting its sector’s growth.


Asoltex brand identifies the whole materials produced by Accoppiatura di Asolo s.p.a. A variety of purposes and solutions characterized by three fundamental requirements:

  • Dialogue with customers for personalization and production of their own materials.
  • Improvements on technologies and raw materials that we use.
  • Ability of anticipate trends and tendencies by our collaboration with designers and stylists.


Accoppiatura di Asolo pays specific attention to the sustainability of its productive process, environmental protection, safety standards and employees rights.
In detail our choice is to not use solvents and, wherever is possible, we prefer to choose recycled or eco-friendly raw materials.
About corporate social responsibility, we support many philantrophic efforts and youth sport activities in our area.


Accoppiatura di Asolo constantly checks the quality of raw materials and finished laminated products in its internal laboratory. Our efforts in research of innovative technologies and materials makes all developments and the extension of products range possible day by day.


In 2004 Asoltex obtained a certification of its quality management system for designing and production of laminated products, following standard EN ISO 9001:2000, reconfirmed in January 2017 as EN ISO 9001:2008.

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The experience gained during years enables us in reaching excellent results, producing the best materials to guarantee the best performances, quality and functionality

Evolution is the natural consequence of working with passion, the link between traditions and innovation. For us from asoltex, quality is not an opinion.

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